Conveying technology made in Carinthia

Use the best ingredients, and the results will be impressive - everyone who appreciates good food and drink will feel this with heart and soul.

That is also true in technical realms, and particularly in conveyor technology. High-quality components, combined with creative engineering will amalgamate to the best solution for customers, yielding excellent conveyor systems.

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Together with you, we will develop the appropriate transport solution for your products.

The story begins in Carinthia. There, near the beautiful Wörthersee, the right ingredients, being mechanical and electrical components, are elected and combined with a great deal of know-how, to create customer-specific conveyor technology solutions.


Roller conveyor with rotary unit


Plastic link chain conveyor with flange bearing


Roller conveyor with excavation station


Ascending conveyor with plastic link chain and flights


Plastic link chain with open structure


Heavy duty chain conveyor module

Fördertechnik - Anlage:

Longitudinal cross transport for chipboards

Our approach: Always seek the dialogue with the customer to offer him the real added value. By experience we can tell: Most customers are convinced to come back! Because when the ingredients are fine, the know-how is sound, and the service is satisfying, we all like to return.

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