Automation is our passion.

We live teamwork!

One team: Customers, Partners and us!
All experts in their fields of expertise.
We get things moving together! Solving questions, designing solutions.
Building high-quality machines for the benefit of our customers.


Factors that impact quality

The selection of components.
The professional construction.
The reliable function.
The Support.
Trust that we take our job serious!

Expenses vs. Benefit

What is the value of a cheap product?
Which spendings really matter?

Our products are not cheap. They are smart. They are built for 24/7! They rarely break down! Spare parts are cheap and maintenance is easy. That’s matters really: The benefit of our customers!

How to …

We’re not choosing the easy way?

We ask you questions and structure the answers.
We present solutions, asses them, look for better ones, and do all the loop again until we know the best solution.
Implement, use morphological matrices and integrate you if desired.
This is how we create products.

Fixed Dates…

How do we deal with appointments?

We keep you up to date.
Planned dates are part of quality!

But delays are part of reality.

We manage delays reliable, communicate openly and always inform you transparently.
Giving solutions and starting production in time!

Our building blocks for your benefit.

1. Conception

  • Brainstorming
  • Analyses, rough and detailed concepts
  • Morphological box

2. Construction

  • CAD Solidworks
  • CAE EPlan
  • PLC Siemens TIA, MS Visual Studio
  • ERP SAP b1

3. Documentation

  • CMMS
  • TIM
  • Spare parts catalogue

4. Production

  • Sheet metal
  • CNC milling, turning
  • tempering, powder coating
  • Control cabinet construction

5. Assembly

  • Components
  • Assemblies
  • Machines
  • Annexes

6. Commissioning

  • Test and trials in our own factory
  • Preliminary acceptance
  • Installation at customer site
  • Approval

7. Service

  • We are always there for you!
  • Hotline, service personnel and support
  • Spare parts service
  • Training

8. Consulting

  • Software development
  • Organization
  • Production

What’s the news about us?


We are currently producing sheet metal accessories for our first new “post-Corona customer” for his new …


Communication, our favorite food…

…the channel doesn’t matter

And most of all, we are happy to visit you personally or to be allowed to visit you!