The term “robot” may still remind many people of R2D2, or Transformers …

In industry since long we have left such associations behind. A robot is a technical device that is usually used to perform frequently recurring mechanical work for humans.

Typical example: Automatically loading and unloading a machine with parts. Robots are 100 % reproducible, fully compatible to 24/7 and especially in clean environments easy to control.

It is a most inspiring and creative act to transfer a manual process chain into an automated work flow, e.g. by means of 3 - 5 motors, a frame, and special grippers.

Seemingly simple human motion sequences or sensory perception may become quite a challenge to a robot. Still: The reward of stable processes makes it worthwhile. The challenges range from pressure sensorics across image processing to gripping technology. And finally, the complex motion sequence of a multiple-axes system will ensure high cycle time and precision.

Machines are always something special, so special purpose machines are well-known terrain!

We solve what cannot be solved with standard machines. Therefore, we speak of special machines.

Everyone knows the product. But the complex process chain of production is known only to very few people. That is where our special machines are used.

We bring decades of experience with us in the construction of special machines. We know the way, comming from the customer’s task, via generation of ideas, concepts and strategies to the final solution.

Based on know-how from a large number of successfully completed projects, we implement solutions that lift your production to the next level of efficiency.

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