• We live teamwork!

    A team of partners and customers and us!

  • Each an expert

    in his field of expertise.

  • Together we move things

    solve questions, design solutions.

  • Build high quality machines

    for the benefit of our customers.

WE for YOU

You, being customer and partner, are the focus of our actions. Be it plant engineering, special machine construction, or intralogistics (conveyor technology) - robotics, system control, or software design - are this is native part of our portfolio.

We strive for the best solution. We include you and your team from the very beginning. This generates pinpoint solutions, good acceptance and a high degree of reliability in implementation.

Our DNA is automation, no matter what sector of industries. We offer complete solutions, from planning and conceptual design to implementation. We have all the key qualifications on board and are fully flexible to react on any situation. This flexibility particularly pays off when changes in production require quick plant conversions or programming work on the flight.

Our core team consists of the 2 founding partners Thomas Biebesheimer and Jürgen Krall. We are IMACO Products + Solutions GmbH, or “IPS” for short.

We are an innovative team with decades of experience that likes to think outside the box: To find new solutions and new ways forward.

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Our Team

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Krall
Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Krall
CEO, Founder

About the Vita

Thomas Biebesheimer
Thomas Biebesheimer
COO, Founder

About the Vita