Brigit Bardot once said:

"I am proud of the wrinkles. They are the life in my face."

What do wrinkles have to do with engineering? Very little, as for Brigit's.

On all the shop-floors we know of, one never was particularly proud on using folded paper for order-cards or job-tickets.

We always feel the natural need to eliminate paper. Unfortunately, the threshold in terms of invest towards paperless production is not to neglect. Costs of paper, toner and printer service are often well accepted, when facing the effords of introducing e.g. RFID factory-wide. Thus, you have to live with paper and folds whether you want to or not.

Every time a "ticket - transfer - machine" is switched on, almost every ticket has to be pulled over an edge by hand to keep the process alive. Don't use the cheapest paper, look for strong paper or use plastic foil, like for label printers for example. If the job card gets wet or has dog-ears, please print a new card if you want the cards to be handled automatically.

If the order card is used to be tucked into an order box, it must be folded. This folding step is crucial for automation! Inadequate folding will make this process step your favourite choking point! 

Of course, you can fold by hand. Your kids do that too. But if you want to have an efficient shop-floor .... There are low-cost solutions for less than 1.000 €, for small businesses, which are certainly better than folding by hand. And if your number of folds exceeds 100.000 order cards per month (5.000 tickets per day), then you should take a closer look at our solution.

Automatically move job tickets...

Automatically folded ticket, precise and always folded the same way

Simple folder plus manual reworking

the butterfly

A production from and with:
Manufacturer Folder
Customer sample job tickets

In the example, 4-fold folding is used, certainly a special case. The machine shown is very flexible and can do all other foldings as well. This folding machine needs some invest. But what does the manual operation and the disturbance of the process chain cost you?

If you need help with the implementation, talk to us.