One more reason to like Barcelona…

Sometimes there are gifts in professional life that only proove their value over time. More than 10 years ago, we were looking for a technical solution and found friends in Barcelona, Catalonia.

It helped us to merge our "Deutsche Gründlichkeit", our perfection-mania with pragmatism and open our mind to new flexible aproaches. 

Barcelona, we think the most beautiful metropolis in Europe.

A metropolis with beach, mountains in sight and a breath-taking architecture.

Fine weather, lively streets,
huge alamedas,
just perfect.

The Catalans are very lovable people.

Sagrada Familia Basilica con Antonio Gaudi

What a fascinating building!
It was started in 1882 and completion is planned between 2050 and 2100. That´s time-scales ... wow.

Gaudi was far ahead of his time. He had no computer simulations and still created something gorgeous. He did not just built windows. No, he played with light, played with colours. The Bible was his inspiration. You can find countless stories in this building if you let its magic work on you.

This is not a functional building, nothing is left to chance.

In front of this entrance you can spend hours. And you will discover so familiar things. Let yourself be enchanted!

Voices about the Sagrada Familia:

"I find myself in an explosion of space and colour."
"You get a stiff neck! Are you standing in a building or in the forest...? If the branches carry the roof, you can call this top roof. Or is it the way to heaven? Although certainly there were no elevators in 1882, some of the stairways suggest that Gaudi knew there would be elevators." 
"Have we forgotten to put such passion in our work, such enthusiasm and attention to detail, just because we seem to be in such a hurry to get something done? Good ideas have to ripen, haven`t they? Shouldn't we tear down houses and build new and better ones, rather than bother with ugly boxes?"

Gaudi said when he started building:

"My client is in no hurry."

Some towers first were built angular. He didn't like it, and he made them into angular towers with lots of balconies. They grew as he made them... wow.

After only 134 years, it was noticed:,Mierda! There was no building permit! Well…it was solved...

When Gaudi got his diploma, they said:

"Now, whom did we give this title to? A madman? A genius? Let's wait and see, time will tell us the answer." 

There's no shortage of food and enjoyment.... in BCN

Tappas ... a feast



Red wine ...

... no further words needed ...

Football is a must here.

Barca - Madness
Camp Nou
99,354 Seating capacity

Barca against Bayern Munich,

Messi scores a goal, every single fan is up from his seat  ...

Bavaria has lost ...
... still, it was great...

And then there is the beach and the water ...

The royal marina in the middle of the city,

Boats as far as the eye can see.

One boat more beautiful than the other.

The bridge opens every 30 minutes. A trip by boat through the city is an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to our Spanish friends!

Together with our team in Barcelona, we have been successfully building machines for many years. Now, we take the step to approach new industries. We are anxious to spread our knowledge there.

We are looking forward to it ...

And now for 3D printing

A few months ago, there arose the question whether to enter into 3D printing. We were rather cautious in the beginning. Coming from sturdy engineering, it deemed us like playing with plastic toys. But we needed the rapid-prototypes for design studies in another project. That´s why we started it, nevertheless.

We discussed, printed samples and analyzed the market. It was all too small for us, there were hardly any materials or it was beyond our possibilities …….. Until the day we found a combination of known letters in a list - BCN3D.

Fly to Barcelona, then the IATA writes - BCN and you don’t need to say anything about 3D. Well - we are enthusiastic about the products of BCN3D!

We still have to spend a few sleepless nights until we can welcome the Epsilon and produce our first products. We are looking forward to it, take a look … we will report …

Massive print volume