When you supply machines world-wide, you are used to communicate world-wide. And your machines need to, as well. Because even with the best engineering: At one point in time your machines will experience malfunctions or errors that the user can no longer help himself with.

As a result, you customer will suffer, worst case being a complete stop of production. In any case, this situation needs to  be eliminated immediately!
With all means!

The Classic Ways of Fault Reporting

Telephone: To successfully use this medium, people need to speak the same language. Experience tells, that even on the common ground of the English language, different accents, dialects and levels of comprehension can hamper the exchange of information severely. And even if the national language is no issue, different levels of technical understanding and the use of special technical terms can be an unbreachable barrier. The telephone may quicklycome to its limits and the need for other media arrises.

E-mail, messenger, chat:. Putting a technical problem into words can become a time-consuming challenge. Informations like "up there on the right" usually become the source of endless misunderstandings.  OK, you can insert pictures. Pictures help, but still: The remote service engineer end up with ugly, time-consuming and not always converging detective work to find the real root cause of a failure.

Remote Access: Today you don't have to fly around the world for bits. Remote access to the machine is standard. This helps with the analysis, but still: You don't see the mechanics, the pneumatics, the hydraulics and the environment.

With inappropriate tools of communication and unprecise failure descriptions troubleshooting can be so terribly inefficient.

Our solution: Pointr !

Some years ago we came together with a spin-off from a Finnish university: Dr. Boris Krassi and his team at Delta Cygni Labs have developed Pointr.

Video about the POINTR collaboration features

Delta Cygni Labs Introduces Pointr As Follows:

POINTR Easy Remote Support is the flagship product of Delta Cygni Labs, an augmented reality based remote collaboration solution for industry and professionals. It provides your customer service and field support teams with an unbeatable response time. POINTR enables productivity improvements in all technical troubleshooting.

Use cases

  • Repair & Off-Nominal Maintenance
  • Installation & Startup
  • Upgrades & Retrofitting
  • on-the-job training
  • Quality assurance
  • Support for the warranty period


  • Live video and audio stream
  • AR notes
  • Live and pause mode
  • Comments on the field
  • Camera selector switch
  • External cameras
  • Desktop sharing
  • Text chat
  • Privacy of the camera

The advantages

The robust and easy-to-use Pointr Teleservice is platform-independent and can be deployed across the enterprise with very low effort. It is designed for extreme network conditions, utilizes satellite communication, and proved its woth already in ample industrial applications.

Special video compression techniques allow Pointr to be used via 3G networks.

“## Each of our customers gets access to our service via Pointr.

Pointr runs on almost all common operating systems and devices.
If you want to try it out, check pointr.com.

Handling is a piece of cake. Load app, register, get started …

If a customer needs us, click “Pointr”, click “call IPS” and we will be instantly at his side and analyze the problem together.

Thanks Boris and Team